Arachis rigonii

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered

Cause of Decline: Habitat Loss

Location: Asia

Collection: Plants

FMNH catalogue no. 1840089

Manicillo is a flowering plant native to Bolivia and in the same genus as 70 other species of plants in the pea family. It is a wild plant that is a relative of the cultivated peanut but with a much smaller fruit.

Only a single, remnant population of A. rigonii remains in the very urban environment of the city of Santa Cruz. It lives at an altitude of 400 metres and is now restricted to a 10km square area, a result of habitat loss due to urbanisation. At present, conservation efforts are limited to seed collections in gene banks and botanical gardens, while further research is needed to locate any other populations in and around Santa Cruz.

Manicillo plant botany Arachis rigonii - Extinction

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